Guidance Counselor

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
Durand High School
Position Details: 

• Must be certified or licensed by the State of Michigan and as a School Counselor
• Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling required
• Recent experience in guidance and counseling at the high school level preferred
• Knowledge of Michigan graduation requirements
• Successful high school classroom experience preferred
• Knowledgeable of and supportive of developmental guidance concept
• Be willing to participate in a variety of extra-curriculum and co-curricular activities with students and their parents
• Willing to work as part of a building team for the improvement of instruction
• Be open to continuous change while working well independently
• Knowledgeable of state and college entrance assessments
• Excellent communicator with students, parents, colleagues and community
• Demonstrate mental/physical ability and stamina for meeting the requirements of the position
• Experienced with PowerSchool computer program and scheduling process, or equivalent
• Knowledge of Michigan Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program

Job Type: