Community School Engagement Specialist/Social Worker

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
da Vinci Institute
Position Details: 


Reports to:  Superintendent, Building Principals

Summary:  Serve as part of a multi-disciplinary team to seek out, coordinate, connect and navigate students and families to supports and resources.  Develop partnerships both within the school and community and ensure that students and families receive access to human services; health care; social service; and mental health supports in order to meet needs and support student achievement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Serve as the initial point of contact for students and families in order to access services
  2. Advocate for appropriate access to schools for human services, behavioral health services and medical health services
  3. Serve as liaison between school, home, and community service providers
  4. Screen, assess, refer, and link students and families with needed supports (i.e. universal screeners such as Social Determinants Screener, RAAPS Screener, etc.)
  5. Screen students referred for truancy with MAYSI/CAFAS screens.  Meet with families whose students are truant, etc
  6. Navigate students and families through system processes and protocol (i.e. education, mental health, social services, human services, healthcare)
  7. Develop partnerships with, and coordinate, community resources and supports within, and outside, the school system for use by students, families, and school personnel
  8. Promote and foster communication between all parties, to include: building/district staff; students; families; human services; behavioral health; medical health; social services; and other community partners
  9. Develop and implement student and family engagement strategies in order to build relationships, promote positive school culture/climate, raise awareness of Whole Child needs, connect families to supports and educate on available resources and supports available within the school and community
  10. Assist in implementation of building Teacher Support Teams to assess needs of identified students, determine strategies to meet needs, monitor progress, and evaluate outcomes
  11. Support implementation of MTSS tiered interventions along with positive behavior supports and integration of additional support services  Responsible for writing behavior plans, with the assistance of appropriate staff
  12. Serve on school/district Whole Child team to assess building/district need, identify and develop strategies, and evaluate progress of Whole Child framework components
  13. Coordinate and/or provide professional learning for district/building staff around non-academic indicators (i.e. trauma informed classrooms, Youth Mental Health First Aid)
  14. Meet on a regular basis with School Principal and other building/district leadership to review needed supports/services and address issues impacting student achievement
  15. Consult with building/district staff on classroom and/or building strategies to meet student need
  16. Participate in School Improvement planning process (especially related to non-academic/organizational/Culture and Climate  goals and strategies)
  17. Coordinate implementation, analysis, and use of needs assessment efforts such as MiPHY, Bully Free Schools, Culture/Climate Surveys and Parent Involvement surveys to drive decision making around needed services and supports
  18. Assist building/district staff in collection, reporting and use of pertinent data
  19. Document student progress, write regular progress reports and complete all required paperwork in a timely manner
  20. Attend required meetings
  21. Make home visits for the purpose of gathering helpful information on student or family
  22. Build partnerships with colleges to secure multiple interns.  Coordinate communication with colleges, and supervise all aspects of interns.  Develop job description for interns.  Meet with interns weekly.
  23. Run student groups that meet the needs of our students at the time, as time and other priorities allow.
  24. Plan organized activities for Primary School students to participate in-such as organized game, etc at recess time, as time and other priorities allow.
  25. Assist in coordinating Project Aware & other agency support and partnerships (like FSCA), with district representative.
  26. Other duties as assigned

Qualification Requirements

Education and/or Experience:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work with School Social Work certificate (or working towards School Certification)
  • 3-5 years within an education, human service, or behavioral health field preferred

Certificates, Licenses, Registration:

  • Temporary or full approval as a school social worker(or MSW) in the State of Michigan
  • Certified as a school social worker preferred (or proof of working toward this certification)
  • Valid Michigan’s Driver’s License

Other Skills and Abilities:

  • Ability to work with school, human service, behavioral health, and medical health personnel
  • Ability to understand and work effectively within the dynamics of various agencies, schools, and others
  • Knowledge of child development, behavioral health, and medical health assessment
  • Extensive knowledge of community resources
  • Able to work with a diverse group of people; possess and demonstrate an understanding of various cultural and socioeconomic characteristics
  • Strong relationship, collaborative, problem-solving and organization skills
  • Positive and can-do attitude that can tolerate a high frustration level
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, non-verbal and written)
  • Knowledge of basic computing platforms (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Internet and Google)


Work Location and Days/Hours:

  • CSES will spend equal/proportionate time in each of the three daVinci buildings each week unless a situation dictates otherwise (Downtown Center could be by appointment only)
  • Standard days and hours are Monday – Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
Job Type: