Elementary School Principal

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Nouvel Catholic Central
Position Details: 

Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary School

The Elementary Principal is expected to provide leadership in all religious and educational activities at the school. As a spiritual leader of the school, the Elementary Principal is expected to nurture the faith development of the faculty and staff by providing opportunities for spiritual growth. As an educational leader, and under the direction of the Principal/President, the Elementary Principal will provide ample opportunity for continuing education for all staff members. The Elementary Principal reports directly to the President and is responsible for the implementation of the Mission statement of the school.

The Elementary Principal/Minister understands that this is a ministerial position at a religious institution and that there is within the Catholic Church a body of officially taught and commonly accepted beliefs, the communication of which is a fundamental purpose and mission of a Catholic School and that its students and staff have a right to expect such communication implicitly and explicitly from its Principal/President, Elementary Principal and Teachers regardless of the subject areas, grades, or courses being taught. The Elementary Principal must be a practicing Catholic.

 The Elementary Principal, under the direction of the President, has the authority and responsibility for the daily operations of the school which include the setting and implementation of policies and programs in Instruction, Curriculum, Evaluation, Facilities Management, Budget and Discipline.


The Elementary Principal at Nouvel Catholic Central Elementary School shall be a Certified Administrator holding a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration, K through 12. The Elementary Principal must be a practicing Catholic. The Elementary Principal will report to the President. The Elementary Principal will provide leadership and be responsible for implementing the activities that follow:

  • Provides visible spiritual leadership of the school community and ensures that appropriate religious and school ministry activities occur regularly.
  • Has the task of ensuring that all Diocesan policies and administrative procedures applicable to the operations of the school (employee and student handbooks) and the school’s mission as a Catholic academic community are implemented.
  • In cooperation with the School Pastor and school staff designs the academic program of the school, arranges for the assignment, the purchase of materials and equipment and the scheduling of courses and related activities and annual evaluation of the program.
  • Approves and supervises all student activities and athletics by means of effective personal communication and working relationships with students, faculty/staff and families.
  • Develops and supervises all aspects of guidance and counseling, student services and the supervision and discipline of students.
  • Course scheduling recommendations, design and implementation
  • Curriculum Alignment and Improvement
  • Instructional Supervision that include walkthroughs, conferences, staff meetings and committees
  • Coordinate with the Staff, standardized, adopted building testing
  • Prepare reports and research trends and cycles in grading, achievement, and instruction and student activities.
  • Design and present agenda items and topics at building and community related meetings.
  • Organize and conduct emergency drills.
  • Submit mandated reports as assigned by the President.
  • Organize substitute teachers and/or other staff when needed.
  • Communicate clearly and accurately and in a caring manner, with the students, families, staff and community that we serve.
  • Provide leadership in implementing the enrollment process (Check backgrounds, grades behavior etc.)
  • Coordinate security and facility as needed (requisitions, repairs, door locks etc.)
  • Manage budgets and all money collections related to fundraising following the process of the Saginaw Catholic Diocese.
  • Coordinate bus transportation when needed.
  • Must be visible in the hallways, community, parishes.
  • Provide leadership in Committee work as assigned by the President.
  • Implement solutions and consequences in matters pertaining to discipline or corrective behavior for staff and students.
  • Arrange interviews and vet resumes for filling staffing positions.
  • High functioning proactive problem solver.
  • Must be proficient in a variety of forms of interactive technology
  • Must be a good listener and a thoughtful, creative person in delivering all forms of response service.
  • Implementation and development of policy related to school finance, law, human resources, security and building/organizational management.
  • Must have the ability to be willing to inspire others and focus on continuous self-improvement. Must be to influence others to do the same.
  • Must role model honesty and integrity both on and off work hours.
  • Other assignments as directed by the President.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in Education from an accredited college or university  
  • Minimum of three years of administrative experience in education which includes budgeting and personnel management
  • Valid Michigan teaching certificate with a minimum of three years of teaching experience, Catholic School experience preferred

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Nouvel Catholic Central will offer a competitive wage and benefit package that reflects the experience and education of the chosen candidate.
  • Benefits include fully paid single coverage health care, life insurance, short and long term disability, and employer paid defined pension plan.

Interested candidates should contact Mark Frost at:

Phone: 989-399-2221