Associate Superintendent for Special Services

Friday, March 16, 2018
Gratiot Isabella RESD
Position Details: 

Associate Superintendent - Special Services
Beginning July 1, 2018
Cabinet Level Position
Reports to Superintendent
Gratiot and Isabella Counties

GENERAL SUMMARYThe Associate Superintendent for Special Education is responsible for delivery of special education and early childhood services to the RESD and constituent districts.  Including, but not limited to, seeking continuous improvement of services provided; seeking to satisfy constituent needs within the parameters of the goals and District resources; and providing leadership to enable staff to perform their jobs to the best of their potential.
QUALIFICATIONS:  The Associate Superintendent for Special Education must possess a Master’s degree or better with certification in Special Education.  A valid Michigan teaching certificate is preferred.  Approval as a Special Education Supervisor or Director by the State Department of Education is required.  A minimum of three years experience as a supervisor in special education programs and two years experience as a special education instructor or professional is strongly preferred.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Acquires and maintains a thorough knowledge of all laws, rules, regulations, and policies pertinent to the conduct of special education programs.  Interprets such information for the Board, Administration, staff, and the constituent districts. 
  2. Provides support and leadership to assigned administrators in areas such as budget administration, curriculum/assessment, compliance, program/service delivery, personnel procedures, collective bargaining agreements, implementation of federal/state mandates and professional development. 
  3. Researches and develops supplemental funding sources for special education programs.
  4.  Supports interface with general education, special education, and career technical education through coordinated activities and collaborative initiatives. 
  5. Provides leadership to all special education programs and staff in the two counties, including local districts and regional program and services as applicable.
  6. Monitors and facilitates data collection and analysis to enhance the quality and effectiveness of special education programs and student support services, as well as ensure compliance with state and federal requirements. 
  7. Ensures the implementation of the GIRESD Plan for the delivery of special education programs and services.  Develops revisions to the plan as required.
  8. Ensures that all special education programs and services comply with the existing laws, rules, and regulations.
  9. Attends meetings of the Board of Education and monthly Superintendent Meetings and provides information on matters involving special education.
  10. Serves as chairperson of the Superintendent’s Special Education Oversight Committee and Parent Advisory Committee.
  11. Maintains an active role in local and regional committees conceived to serve special education programs.
  12. Keeps local and regional Special Education Directors apprised of recent legislation, policy, and other information pertinent to special education.
  13. Oversees the process of all informal and formal complaints and hearings relative to special education.
  14. Collaboratively researches, creates, and develops contractual relationships with local agencies to provide supplemental programs and services for students with disabilities.
  15. Hires all special education personnel, including contracted services individuals. 
  16. Evaluates special education supervisors and school psychologists according to Board Policy.
  17. Serves as the Section 504/ADA District Coordinator, Homeless Liaison, Foster Care Liaison and Winding Brook Conference Centre Administrator.
  18. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the Superintendent may assign.
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