Human Resources Director

Friday, March 23, 2018
Muskegon Public Schools
Position Details: 

Muskegon Public Schools has a Human Resources Director vacancy available for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.  The successful candidate will provide leadership for human resources, personnel management, and labor relations.


Please apply through our online application system, AppliTrack.


Please attach a cover letter, detailed resume, transcripts, and three professional references.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Master’s Degree in Human Resources, Administration, or equivalent.
  • Five or more years of supervisory and related experience in K-12 schools.
  • Legal degree or background preferred.
  • Demonstrated excellence in written and oral communication skills including presentations.
  • Demonstrated skill and proficiency in computer-based programs such as Google Applications for Education, needed to carry out job functions and the ability to properly operate required office equipment such as personal computer, fax machine, copier and such equipment as required to successfully complete job duties.
  • Demonstrated ability to exercise good judgment in interpreting and implementing school district policies and procedures.
  • Experience and/or training in negotiations, contract management, and employee relations.


  1. Act as Chief Negotiator in all contract negotiations with employee bargaining groups and communicates the status of labor relation issues with the Board as required.
  2. Interprets negotiated contracts, Board policies, past practices, etc. as they pertain to the labor-management function.
  3. Provide overall coordination, management, and leadership to the Human Resources Department’s personnel and programs.
  4. Develop, implement and monitor department budget in accordance with organizational priorities.
  5. Perform appropriate human resource functions necessary for hiring, coaching, evaluating, disciplining and supervising staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  6. Direct and manage employee contracts involving hiring, promoting, non-renewal of employment contracts, terminations, disciplinary, tenure dismissal actions of all staff and the issuance of employment contracts.
  7. Coordinate and manage workforce reductions.
  8. Resolve labor issues with union and non-union groups and personnel.
  9. Lead, develop and direct the implementation of strategic and/or operational plans, projects, programs and systems that align with Human Resources in collaboration with other departments.
  10. Maintain and apply up-to-date knowledge of current theory, research, methodology, and legislation in appropriate fields of assignment including Human Resources, Employment Law, Labor Relations and Benefit and Compensation Administration.
  11. Handle employee grievances and complaints alleging contract violations which have district-wide implications.
  12. Represent the district in arbitration hearings, appeal proceedings and contested administrative decisions (e.g., unemployment hearings).
  13. Act as hearing officer for complaints filed under Equal Employment Opportunity Laws – Title VII, Affirmative Active, employee discrimination, and harassment of employees.
  14. Chair monthly meetings with the leadership of employee groups.
  15. Conduct the assessment of annual staffing needs with the Superintendent and other administrators.
  16. Coordinate and conduct the annual job assignment process for all staff.
  17. Lead and work in conjunction with the Office of Instructional Services to administer evaluations for MPS district staff, coordinate and disseminates personnel evaluation procedures, and work with supervisors/principals to develop plans of improvement to reach employee success.
  18. Participate on Teacher Evaluation Committee.
  19. Responsible for preparation of such local, state or federal reports as required.
  20. Share in budget preparation.
  21. Oversee and monitor personnel evaluation procedures and assists district administrators in implementing procedures according to contract requirements.
  22. Review all leave of absence requests.
  23. Work with OIS to coordinate New Teacher Induction programming and procedures as well as mentorship as required by law.
  24. Maintain personnel records for all school district employees.
  25. Determine approves and verifies the placement of employees on pay/salary schedules contained in Master Agreements of Board approved wage and benefit schedules.
  26. Coordinate and disseminate personnel evaluation procedures.
  27. Oversee the district’s Employee Assistance Program.
  28. Oversee the substitute placement process and  computer system for district staff
  29. Conduct Administrative training/updates.
  30. Worker’s Compensation related issues.
  31. Monitor ADA (American Disability Act) claims.
  32. Direct the planning, development, coordination, and evaluation of operations for the human resources department including establishing department goals as well as the collection and interpretation of data used for evaluations.
  33. Oversee the department’s advice, support, and assistance functions in interpreting policies and procedures and in counseling directors, administrators, employees and other government agencies on employment, record keeping, retirement, grievances and other personnel matters and procedures.
  34. Direct investigations, analysis and method formulation for handling special projects; evaluate final results; review various reports and perform special projects; advise and consult with the Board of Education, Superintendent and senior staff on a variety of non-routine matters.
  35. Direct investigations, analysis, and decision-making process regarding personnel problems and/or related policy issues.
  36. Assume a leadership role on the senior cabinet; assist with long-range strategic planning; assist with developing a system-wide budget, plans, policies, and activities; perform various duties assigned by the Superintendent.
  37. Supervise and conduct personnel administration duties for direct reports, including hiring and firing, evaluating, assigning special projects, monitoring attendance, travel reports and granting leaves.


The Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, (including sexual orientation or transgender identity), disability, age, religion, height, weight, marital or family status, military status, ancestry, genetic information, or any other legally protected category, (collectively, "Protected Classes"), in its programs and activities, including employment opportunities.