Computer Technology Teacher

Friday, June 15, 2018
Saginaw Area Catholic Schools
Position Details: 

Nouvel Catholic Elementary School is seeking a full time Computer Technology Teacher to provide instruction (K-8) for the 2018-2019 school year. The ideal candidate is a practicing Catholic who holds at minimum, a Bachelor’s Degree and a valid Michigan Provisional, Permanent or Continuing Teaching Certificate.  Minimum certification areas include K-5, 6-8 any content area with a minimum of six hours coursework in the content area. Preferred certification area would be, K-5, 6-8 with and any of the following endorsements: Library Media (ND), Educational Technology (NP), Computer Science (NR). The applicant must submit a cover letter, resume and references to Mr. Mark A. Frost, President/Principal at or mail the information to Nouvel Catholic Central High School, 2555 Weineke, Saginaw, Michigan 48603. Deadline June 15th, 2018


  • Practicing member of a Roman Catholic Church preferred.
  • State of Michigan valid teaching certificate (See above).
  • Adhere to Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Positive references and recommendations.
  • Must clear criminal background check and comply with other diocesan mandates for Protecting God’s Children. 

Professional Responsibilities:

  • Maintains a professional manner in the classroom and other related settings
  • Demonstrates a sense of professional responsibility and leadership.
  • Completes necessary work toward obtaining and/or maintaining a valid teacher certificate/credentials and catechist certification.

Interpersonal Relationships:

  • Works cooperatively with administration.
  • Supports and enforces diocesan and school regulations.
  • Works positively with colleagues and support and parish staff.
  • Demonstrates positive interpersonal relations with students.
  • Encourages students’ self-discipline.
  • Interacts with each student in a mutually respectful and just manner.
  • Maintains positive interpersonal relations with parents.
  • Respects and cooperates with parents as co-educators.
  • Provides a climate which initiates and invites communication with parents.

Instructional Process:

  • Follows curriculum guidelines and time allotments as established by the diocese and the school.
  • Reflects the school philosophy in the instructional process.
  • Designs lessons in a clear, logical, and sequential format that implements stated grade level goals and objectives.
  • Builds upon interest, abilities, and previous learning experiences of the students.
  • Communicates learning objectives clearly to students.
  • Employs a variety of teaching techniques.
  • Uses a variety of evaluation techniques: (for example, pre and post testing, textbooks tests, teacher-made tests which include oral and written projects and standardized testing).
  • Uses a variety of techniques for communicating student progress in a timely manner: (for example, progress reports, report cards, parent calls).
  • Demonstrates ability to motivate students.
  • Provides a variety of activities which encourage and promote maximum student involvement.
  • Encourages creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

Community of Faith:

  • Supports and implements the mission/philosophy of Catholic education and the school.
  • Speaks, acts, and instructs students in a manner that is consistent with the teachings of the Church on issues of faith and morals.
  • Integrates religious attitudes and values into secular subjects and into life both inside and outside of school.
  • Models an attitude of service and plans appropriate service projects with students.
  • Exemplifies a sense of mercy and justice in dealing fairly with students and parents.
  • Demonstrates a respect for all forms of life.
  • Contributes to a cooperative spirit within the school community.


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