Career and College Advisor

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Hemlock Public School District
Position Details: 


  1. TEMORARY – Grant Funded.
  2. 2018-19 School Year, 75 days.
  3. Per Diem Rate:  $140 to $188.00 per day.
  4. Monday through Friday

REPORTS TO: High School Principal

SUMMARY OF POSITION:   The Career and College Advisor is responsible for supporting academic success and college readiness, particularly for at-risk students who would benefit from a structures, culturally-sensitive post-secondary preparation pathway and promoting the District’s mission of creating a college-going culture by leveraging relationships within the local and national community to ensure that all secondary school students, including those with alternative education needs, have the means, opportunity and preparation to attend college.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in education, social work, counseling or similar program.
  2. Knowledge about the School District and the target population.
  3. Must demonstrate strong technology skills.
  4. Must demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills, including public speaking skills and listening skills.
  5. Strong interpersonal and human relations skills.
  6. Strong problem-solving, critical-thinking, and independent decision-making skills.
  7. Ability to pay attention to detail, to organize, multi-task and plan work to meet deadlines.
  8. Ability to analyze data and provide recommendations.
  9. Ability to work effectively and collaboratively with teachers, administrators and staff.
  10. Ability to learn new tasks quickly.
  11. Ability to communicate with employees and other business contacts in a courteous and professional manner.
  12. Ability to function as an independent, self-motivated, and self-reliant self-starter who initiates appropriate actions and strategies and can work successfully without constant direction and close supervision.
  13. Ability to function as a team player and work collaboratively and cooperatively in a shared decision-making environment.
  14. Ability to develop positive working relationships with, build rapport with, and motivate both co-workers and clients.
  15. Ability to function effectively in hectic and fast-paced work environments through prioritization of multiple, and sometimes conflicting, demands in order to meet established deadlines.
  16. Ability to travel to multiple school sites and other work locations as designated.
  17. Ability to work in a multi-culture setting and develop a rapport with students, staff, parents and school community.


  1. Design and implement a comprehensive plan with identified strategies and timelines that are grade-level specific to increase the number of students planning and preparing to attend college and other post-secondary educational institutions and to increase the number of high school graduates who enroll in college and other post-secondary educational institutions directly from high school.
  2. Design and implement a mentoring program with the District and other agencies.
  3. Ensure that the approved comprehensive college awareness and access plan includes but is not limited to the following components:  career exploration and advising, college exploration and advising, college tours (local, regional, and national), SAT/ACT preparation and participation, the college application/admission process, and financial aid assistance (including scholarships).
  4. Coordinate college awareness and access programs/services with district, local school and other college access programs/services and with district, school-based and other personnel.
  5. Coordinate implementation of college awareness and access program with school based staff.
  6. Develop daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly work schedules based upon established priorities that maximize services to students (by addressing the greatest needs of the greatest number of students).
  7. Work with school based staff and other service providers to ensure that each school site has a College Resource Center with materials, personnel, technology, and other resources available/accessible to students.
  8. Design and implement a variety of instructional activities, materials, and strategies related to college awareness and access for use with individual students, small groups, classes, and large groups in assembly, classroom, conference, seminar, summer program, workshop and other appropriate settings.
  9. Provide students with assistance in the areas of academic achievement, school success (attendance, behavior, personal, and social issues), and life-skills (e.g., organization skills, time management, individual and social responsibility, and work ethic) that impact school performance and college access, readiness, enrollment, and success.
  10. Deliver a wide range of direct parent activities and services including but not limited to in-service, training and workshop sessions related to college awareness and access topics, e.g. college applications/admissions, financial aid, and career/college/life choices.
  11. Design and implement programs and strategies that help to encourage student participation in and other academic remediation/enrichment programs.
  12. Contact and communicate directly with parents/guardians on a regular basis to ensure parent awareness of and involvement in their child’s school performance and to secure parent support of student participation in school, and other activities.
  13. Work closely with school based staff to facilitate and improve home-school communication.
  14. Promote, support, and encourage both parent and student participation in appropriate college awareness activities and services.
  15. Maintain accurate data, records and files to document all college awareness and access activities conducted and service provided.


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