Secondary Math Teacher

Friday, August 10, 2018
Columbia School District
Position Details: 

Job Description

Math teachers must be highly organized to plan and deliver lessons and to evaluate student work in a timely manner. Teaching requires a great deal of patience, and Math teachers must be able to present materials in a variety of ways to accommodate different learning styles. They need to be able to communicate well with students, parents and other teachers.

Various Duties


Complete a variety of assignments to teach subjects.

Initiate, facilitate, and moderate classroom discussions.

Evaluate and grade students' class work, assignments, and papers.

Prepare course materials such as syllabi, homework assignments, and handouts.

Maintain student attendance records, grades, and other required records.

Follow educational plans for the individual student.

Evaluate students' class work, study skills and social skills.

Keep parents informed of program expectations, activities and their child’s progress.

Be familiar with emergency procedures.

Perform miscellaneous duties from time to time as assigned by the principal.

Participate in teacher training, as required.

Job Type: