Education Consultant Manager 15 - Test Development Manager

Monday, December 3, 2018
State of Michigan Department of Education
Position Details: 

This position oversees all assessment development for the State of Michigan. This includes M-STEP, Michigan components of MME, SAT, ACT Workkeys, MI-Access, WIDA, benchmark assessments. Development includes the use of multiple contractors (approx. $6 M annual), coordination of several test development staff with the administration unit and other departments, as well as schools and districts, to develop test items. Each year, Michigan develops hundreds of test forms and items in the content areas of mathematics, reading, writing, social studies, science, alternate assessments and English proficiency. This includes multiple item types such as multiple-choice, constructed response, and technology-enhanced items for online assessment. Test form development includes developing test blueprints, and test designs (with embedded field test items, anchor items and pre-equating processes).  This position facilitates the use of Michigan educators on committees for bias and content review of all test content. This position directs the development of fair and valid tests by ensuring that sufficient amounts of statistically viable items are developed, approved by committees and included in assessments that can be appropriately equated and yield valid and reliable results for accountability programs.

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