Middle School Teacher - Mathematics; Evansville, Indiana

Friday, March 15, 2019
Joshua Academy
Position Details: 

In the role of Middle School Teacher, you will work collaboratively with instructional staff and leadership to cultivate and monitor the deliverance of a high-quality education for each and every student. Teachers create and implement a flexible classroom environment favorable to student learning and personal growth; develop lesson plans consistent with established guidelines; establish positive rapport with students, staff members, and parents; and motivate students to develop skills, attitudes and knowledge to provide an effective educational foundation, in accordance with each student’s ability.

Qualifications & Competencies

The appropriate candidate for this position will have:

  1. Bachelor’s degree (BA) from an accredited college or university or equivalent
  2. Valid teaching certification for content-based instruction in grades 5-8 (as appropriate)
  3. Minimum of 3 years of successful teaching experience (may include Student Teaching)
  4. Command of grades/subject specific content and theoretical knowledge of learning theory.
  5. Understanding of, and commitment to, school community values.
  6. Successful results of criminal and employment background check.
  7. Adherence to the requirements of the Code of Ethics for the Education Profession.

v  Evidence of strong leadership - going above and beyond in prior teaching

v  Outstanding organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills with attention to detail

v  A track record of excellent results with children at advanced levels in at-risk communities

v  Strong computer skills and ability to analyze data in various applications including Excel

v  Proficiency in data analysis is a plus

v  Successful experience in an urban setting is a plus

Responsibilities / Duties

  1. Create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students. 
  2. Ensure classroom is clean, safe and includes student generated work on display as appropriate.
  3. Implement all relevant policies governing student conduct.
  4. Develop reasonable rules of classroom/playground behavior in accordance with school policy and guidelines,
  5. Maintain order in the classroom in a fair and consistent manner.
  6. Develop lesson plans consistent with established guidelines and goals.
  7. Plan individual and / group learning activities designed to meet instructional objectives and students’ needs.

Terms of Employment

$33,000-$36,000 full-time salary, benefits, and performance pay according to the salary and benefits policy.  Job is exempt from overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Excellent Time-Off Incentive.  


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