Burt Township School Superintendent

Friday, March 15, 2019
Burt Township School Board
Position Details: 

Must possess or be eligible to obtain a Michigan Administrator’s Certificate. Michigan Teaching Certificate preferred, but not required. Master’s Degree from an accredited institution in education or related field desirable. Applicant must be comfortable in a rural setting, with experience in an isolated district preferred.  Preferred applicants are innovative and work as a team with students and staff to achieve a diverse set of educational goals. Must understand the significance of public schools within a rural community (Upper Peninsula of Michigan), and be willing to plan for the success and longevity of Burt Township Public Schools.

Salary: Based on experience and qualifications, as well as competitive with current geographic administrative positions of similar size.

Priority Attributes and Related Information:

  • Burt Township Public Schools recently passed School Improvement Bond in November of 2018. Projects begin summer of 2019.
  • Previous experience in K-12 classroom teaching
  • Interested in and willing to implement innovative and non-traditional education structures
  • Thinks creatively and is prepared for an unpredictable work environment
  • Prepared with work with low income youth as well students with special needs
  • Prepared to advertise school and develop a plan for growth

Send all applications to

Burt Township School Board
P.O. Box 338
Grand Marais, MI 49839

or email to:  board@burt.school

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