Elementary Special Education Teacher

Friday, June 14, 2019
Whitehall District Schools
Position Details: 

Whitehall District Schools is seeking an enthusiastic and competent educator who aspires to be an instructional leader and child advocate. This individual will join a team of individuals dedicated to advancing the outcomes for students with disabilities and believes that all students have the ability to achieve. The ideal candidate is well-versed in core content expectations, developmental disabilities, and evidenced-based teaching strategies. This individual can articulate a vision for student success and possesses a passion for preparing students for their elementary-level goals. 

​Credentials – Valid Michigan teaching certificate, Special Education Endorsement
                        (preferably SA, SV or ZS).

Job Description

  • Highly organized and effective at meeting deadlines                           
  • Collaborative style with peers, parents, and children
  • Strong vision for student success
  • Partner of general education teachers
  • Ability to develop a shared vision of responsibility and support
  • Willingness to discuss in depth the meaning of FAPE and LRE
  • Innovative in use of technology to promote student learning
  • Capacity to meet all children where they are and move them forward
  • Seeks an optimal learning environment for all children
  • Understands the impact of student engagement, curious

Essential Job Functions

  • Develop lesson plans
  • Manage classroom
  • Respond appropriately to student behavior
  • Use effective instructional strategies to design and deliver instruction
  • Communicate student performances to parents
  • Use data to make instructional decisions
Job Type: