High School Secretary

Friday, April 19, 2019
Mason Consolidated Schools
Position Details: 


  1. Keep inventories (textbook, equipment, rooms).
  2. Process all purchaseorders.
  3. Obtain office supplies and materials pursuant to standard organization processes.
  4. Order/Confirm textbookpricing.
  5. Keep account ledgers for all internal accounts.
  6. Use all GAP procedures that are recommended by our accountingfirm.
  7. Collect and process payroll as well as absence forms from teachers (homebound services, internal classroom coverage), aides and office personnel.



  1. Keep building calendar (synchronized with district and other buildingcalendars).
  2. Assist principal with recurringevents/meetings.
  3. Assist with preparation of and attend Open House and Parent/TeacherConferences, Graduation and other special events as necessary.



  1. Assist administrator(s) by screening office and telephone inquiries, providing information

        requested or referring to proper department, and by answering confidential or other        

        responsible correspondence and inquiries.

  1. Be the resource for the principal’s calendar/agenda.
  2. Work with databases and specialized software programs (i.e., attendance, attendance calls to parents and

      student enrollment).

  4.   Prepare interoffice notices, bulletins and memoranda, compile information and prepare

        records and reports.

  5.   Compose, type and process correspondence and reports.

  6.   Take detailed notes and transcribe.

  7.   Maintain confidential records, files and reports.

  8.   Relieve administrator(s) of routine details.

  9.   Reconcile or refer complaints.

 10.  Operate computer and other office machines and equipment. Use Microsoft Word and Excel   

        software programs.

 11.  Perform receptionist duties including directing calls and visitors.

 12.  Act as liaison intermediary between administrator(s), staff and the public in the absence of

        the administrator(s) as authorized.

 13.  Perform related work as required and assigned.

Job Type: