Social Studies/English Language Arts Teacher at Kuehn-Haven Middle School

Friday, July 19, 2019
Montrose Community Schools
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Social Studies/English Language Arts Teacher at Kuehn-Haven Middle School

This position requires the applicant to be highly qualified with an eligible and applicable Michigan Teaching Certificate with the endorsement of Social Studies RX or CX and English Language Arts, BX or BA.

  1. Demonstrated skill in oral and written communication.
  2. Ensure that all students are supervised in a safe student centered learning environment that meets or exceeds the district’s Social Studies/ELA Curriculum and standards.
  3. Provide instruction to actively engage students in real world meaningful learning experiences.
  4. Collaborate with peers to enhance the instructional environment for students and promote a positive work climate.
  5. Display a genuine love of teaching students and appreciate the differences amongst learners including implementing full inclusion strategies for special education students.
  6. Know and be able to use technology to enhance the teaching and learning process.

Interested candidates should apply online (hard copies will not be accepted) at on Applitract. A letter of interest, resume with references, and copy of teaching certificate, transcripts, and credentials must be provided. The letter of interest may be addressed to:

Kuehn-Haven Middle School

Ms.RhondaBarber,Principal/6-12 Curriculum Director

Montrose Community Schools

303 Ray Street P.O.Box 3129

Montrose,MI 48457

It is the policy of the Montrose Community Schools that no discriminatory practices because of sex, race, color, national origin or handicap, be allowed in providing instructional opportunities, job placement assistance, employment practices and policies governing student conduct and attendance. Any person suspecting a discriminatory practice should contact Montrose Community Schools, Dr. Linden Moore, Superintendent, at 300 Nanita Drive, P.O. Box 3129, Montrose, MI 48457-0829 or by phone at 810-591-8812.Montrose, MI 48457-0829

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